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AT Business Solutions – How We Choose Refurbished Laptops

AT Business Solutions – How We Choose Refurbished Laptops

We at AT Business Solutions, know what it means to buy refurbished laptops. If you really think about it, we buy the pre-owned unit first. That means, the initial risk is on us. We would never purchase anything that is not worth our money or time investment. Anything other than the best would be bad business.

We prefer not only to help a customer with a laptop, but also with peace of mind. That they can get a piece of equipment that, if treated right will give years of service to home, student or business users.

Why Do People Buy Refurbished Laptops?

The answer is simple, PRICE! All high-end laptops sell in the 5 digit price range, which can sometimes equate to the deposit of a car. What we offer, is an older equivalent of what is on the market at the moment at less than half the price (sometimes 1/3 the price).

Another reason a person might opt for a pre-owned laptop is when they are purchasing a laptop for a brand new user, like a primary school student. If we use the car analogy, a learner driver might prefer to practice on an older car before purchasing a brand new car.


How does AT Business Solutions determine which laptops are worth it?

It certainly doesn’t mean that just because an individual chooses to buy a refurbished laptop that they should then be forced to buy any crap offered to them. We look for the best condition laptops that the owner can still be confident to pull out in front of friends or clients (first impressions). Below are the steps we take in order to choose ONLY THE CLEANEST, ONLY THE BEST laptops.

  1. Love at First Sight: If a laptop does not strike us as visually pleasing at first glance, then we do not pursue it. We may flirt but sometimes it just doesn’t work out.
  2. Shake it off: We then shake the unit to ensure that there are no loose or broken parts.
  3. Flying off the hinges: We then test the hinges that connect the screen to the keyboard. These must be sturdy and hold up tight.
  4. Let’s get it on: This is when we turn the power on, to ensure that it starts up appropriately and that the screen is clean and not cracked or stained in any way.
  5. Don’t stress it, Press it: The keyboard is checked that all buttons are working and if need be, a new keyboard is installed.
  6. Assault and Battery: Now it’s time to check the battery. The battery time we strive for is between 60 and 90 minutes. If the battery lasts this long, we refer to it as operating in the green zone.

What Happens next…

Once the device have passed all the tests above, we purchase it for our stock. We do not stop there, our techies then upgrade the components to bring the laptop to current specification:

  • Hard drive: Upgrade hard drive to 500gb, 1TB or 180/256/512GB Solid State Drive
  • RAM: We replace the existing RAM card with a new one and at request, we upgrade RAM
  • Operating System: When possible we will upgrade the operating to Windows 10
  • Microsoft Office: Upon client request, we can add MS Office to the laptop


Only once all these steps are complete will we then be confident to offer it to our customers. We are so confident that we apply a 3 months repair warranty for the devices. We take of the risk first so you can relax later. Feel free to contact us on info@atbusinesssolutions.co.za or (+27) 071 899 6315 to find out what we have to offer. Check out our Online Store

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