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Lenovo ThinkPad 25th Anniversary Edition

Lenovo ThinkPad – 25 Years of Innovation

The Lenovo ThinkPad turns 25 years old this year. Originally born in 1992 as an IBM product, the ThinkPad brand was bought by Lenovo in 2005. Since 1992, ThinkPad has sold over 130 million units. In the early days of mobile computing, IBM was looking to differentiate itself from the rest of the market. If you remember the early 90’s, you might remember that laptops where mostly the same colour and shape.

Design & Engineering

IBM thus employed the services of Richard Sapper, who was famous at the time for inventing the Tizio Lamp, a desktop lamp that is efficient in form and function. Surprisingly, the inspiration for the design for the ThinkPad comes from a Japanese food container called a Bento Box. The Bento, is a box with many compartments inside. The idea was that the ThinkPad would have many compartments within it, for different computing needs. One of the controversies the design department encountered was with the colour of the iconic mouse pointer nub. Head designer, Sapper, wanted it to be red but IBM thought it would be mistaken for the power button. As evidenced, even today, Sapper won that battle.


IBM ThinkPad 700C - The First ThinkPad

IBM ThinkPad 700C – The First ThinkPad

On the engineering side, the device was to be a combination of technological innovation, aesthetic appeal and robust industrial design.  These themes have run through all the models in the past 25 years. So much so that Lenovo have released a retro themed 25th Anniversary ThinkPad model, with up to date specs. The current ThinkPad models undergo, “Military-specification tests, for ruggedness, durability, and quality against a number of strict parameters which means it is ready for anything”. This Military testing is why AT Business Solutions prefers to offer Lenovo refurbished laptops, as we are confident that the internals components have been protected by good engineering.

Lenovo ThinkPad 25th Anniversary Edition

Lenovo ThinkPad 25th Anniversary Edition


On the inside, it always boasts the latest technology for its time. The type of technology that revolutionized how astronauts worked in space. Major ThinkPad highlights include:

  • 1992 – 700C may not have been the first laptop, but it was the first with a color TFT display
  • 1993 – 750C is the first ThinkPad in space
  • 1994 – 755CD, first laptop with integrated CD-ROM
  • 1997 – 770, first laptop with integrated DVD-ROM
  • 2000 – The i1300 was the first laptop with built-in wireless
  • 2004 – becomes first laptop with fingerprint reader
  • 2008 – X300, thinnest and lights fully-functional 13 inch laptop, dubbed “Perfect Laptop” by Business Week
  • 2016 – X1 Yoga, first business laptop with OLED display

When choosing the brand that would represent us in the refurbished market, we believe we have found the right fit. We have seen older generation ThinkPads beat current competitor brands on many aspects, start up time and Spreadsheet processing being 2 of the main highlights. Contact us to find out what model will fit your need. As the Lenovo motto goes, “Lenovo – For Those Who Do”.


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