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Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?

Of course not, especially if it is US!

With that, we would like to wish you everything of the best for 2017.

This is our second year in existence and it has been a privilege to serve you in the best way possible. We have big plans for this year, one of those being that we want to become more effecient in execution and most importantly customer service. As we mentioned on our Facebook page, “Resolution for 2017: Find more effecient ways to achieve our goals. Always bear in mind that taking a shortcut, taking the route less travelled and efficiency are all different things. Let the situation prescribe which option to take”

This efficiency has included us forecasting the technology trends for this year so that we can ensure our clients’ businesses stay ahead of the curve. Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality will be the order of the day and your office should follow suit. Machines that can think for themselves in the real and the digital world. Exciting because of the possibilities, scary as it may be the beginning of the apocalypse (that is, if you believe James Cameron). All I can I say is that before overthrowing humans, technology better save me money on my printing costs.

We also have a surprise later on this year, we are going big or we are going home. You better not unsubscribe from this list or you are going to have a serious case of FOMO.
With that, we wish you all the things that prosperity can bring. Don’t forget, you can call us anytime for all your techie needs, whether for quote or advice.


Keep Well!

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