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The Environmentally Friendly Refurb Company

Here at ATBS, we value the environment and we all also firmly believe in progress. More often than not, these two ideologies don’t see eye to eye. When starting out we didn’t only want to be successful in business, we also didn’t want to compromise any of the values that we had set while achieving that goal. One of these values is Efficiency, not only cost efficiency, but also efficiency in a way that we leave as little effect on the earth as possible. refurb

This is also the driving factor behind the decision to offer refurbished Lenovo laptops as an extension of our brand/company. Lenovo have made a commitment to

  1. cut absolute GHG emission in its own operation by 40% by2020
  2. add 30 MW of renewable energy by 2021
  3. show progress in the amount of products reused and recycled

Point 3 above is where we try and help. Our experience with Lenovo is that it has the intestinal fortitude (to quote Jim Ross), to go for years and years with enduring performance. This characteristic is what convinced us (and continues to do so), that the risk to offer these refurbished laptops was minimal and well worth it. This means we extend the lifecycle of a product, allowing that much less emission.  The Lenovo notebooks undergo US military-spec tests for ruggedness, durability, and quality: high pressure, humidity, vibration, high temperature, temperature shock, low pressure (15,000 ft), low temperature, and dust. In addition, innovative roll-cage technology and glass-fiber reinforced plastic add extra strength and rigidity. You DEFINITELY know this laptop is built for anything.

The internal architecture of the laptops also lends itself to the green ideology. The laptops are built with processors that use the Ultra-Low Voltage (ULV) system, thereby reducing battery usage. Speaking of the battery, long life and quick charge also helps with proficient electricity use. Some models ship with 2 parked batteries further improving your mobility while being efficient. You too can play a role in conserving energy, by employing an eco-friendly power settings. We have a policy to ship our laptops with an optimal effective power setting. refurb

By reducing our carbon footprint in everything that we do, whether its effective waste recycling, the vehicles we drive or the products we that we provide, we know that we are making a small difference in a big way. Lenovo has somewhat found a “green” area between progress and Eco-friendliness. refurb

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