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What’s in a Name? A Living Case Study on Customer Services – Part 2

It has been a week and there has been no forward movement. The struggle continues! I have the feeling that I am being stalled in the hope the that I will disappear. Huge corporations, spend years building a brand that consumers can trust, with things like 7 year/200 000km warranties, but does it really matter if your customers do not want to deal with endless inefficiency and rudeness for 7 years.

This dealership, code named Sunday, guarantees its clients a certified 125 point check on pre-owned vehicles. I tried to extract what this 125 point check was, but alas, not one salesman at any branch could tell me what the 125 point check consists of, not because it is a government secret, but because the list doesn’t exist. Very surprising, when this was the first thing the salesman pitched when I asked, if everything was fine. I trusted him, and perhaps that was my fault. Trust is what convinces a potential customer to part with his money. AT Business Solutions, is in the habit of helping small business and entrepreneurs, as we have come to understand the difficulty for a new business owner to part with hard earned money. We know that a future customer has to trust us first before taking a chance and the building of that trust is THE priority, as opposed to just making the sale. The self help gurus always preach that if you set out to help people, the money will take care of itself. This belief is non-negotiable if you want to join our team.

With last week’s lesson and an added sprinkling of trust, you will have the ingredients to succeed, not only in business or career but in life. This is the last episode on this enthralling drama, if you would like to know how this turns out, you can follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook. Don’t fret, the blog will back next week, with another observation on whatever the observation has been for the week.


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