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The Laptop Specialists

We have built a reputation for being LAPTOP SPECIALISTS. We use our experience to really leverage our network to bring business the best BUSINESS GRADE laptop technology. Anesh Sukhnandan started AT Business Solutions, turning his now 17 years’ experience and passion into a sustainable dream.

What are we known for?
• Established in 2015, AT Business Solutions can cater to clients’ needs for laptops of all categories i.e. New, Demo or Certified Refurbished.
• Talk to us about your quantity requirements. Our education through time have equipped us with the necessary supply chain to bring clients quality laptops at bulk quantities. This allows for businesses
to equip the modern workforce with the best Laptop technology
• Using depreciation to our advantage
• You won’t find Celerons in our options. Always i5 or i7, Always Business Grade
• Changing perceptions about what is possible when it comes to putting the best technology within everyone’s grasp

Our biggest supporters are on Facebook and we have built a little community that has allowed us to take technology to the people. This supported the decision to move the Online Laptop Store to Facebook.
To make the journey to your new technology as seamless as plug and play.
AT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS – The Technology Enablers 

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